Here We Go: Uniting Church in Australia Changes Definition of Marriage to Include Same-Sex Couples

The Uniting Church in Australia's Assembly voted Saturday to change the denomination's definition of marriage and allow ministers to officiate weddings for same-sex couples. In a statement posted on the Church's website, Uniting Church in Australia President Deidre Palmer announced the changes that were made by the 265-member assembly that gathered in Melbourne, saying: "To honor the... Continue Reading →


Christians Worldwide Call For Release of Girl Held Captive by Boko Haram 150 Days for Belief in Jesus

Christians in the U.K. and Nigeria held a protest on Wednesday to mark the 150 days that have passed since a 15-year-old Christian girl was kidnapped along with 110 others by the Islamic radical group Boko Haram in Nigeria. The girl, Leah Sharibu, is the only person among that group who's still being held captive... Continue Reading →

Catholics Warn of Attack on Religious Liberty With British Report Which Seeks to Change Legal Requirements for Religious Education in Schools

Catholic bishops and officials are speaking out against a new report launched at the British House of Commons this week which seeks to change the legal requirements for religious education in schools, including religious schools. A Catholic Education Service spokesperson told The Tablet on Wednesday that the U.K.'s Catholic bishops are "not happy" with the pamphlet, titled... Continue Reading →

Coptic Journalist Details Horrors of Living as a Christian Female in Egypt: ‘It’s Hell’

A Coptic journalist has detailed her frustration living as a woman in an Egyptian society where men regularly treat Christian woman as whores, and shared ways in which the Coptic Church has also mistreated females. Engy Magdy, a Cairo-based journalist, authored an op-ed published by Brooklyn-based Catholic news website The Tablet on Wednesday that detailed the plight... Continue Reading →

Stateside Pastors of Black Churches Begin Partnerships in Virgin Islands as Hurricane Season Approaches

Pastors leading U.S. Virgin Island churches still recovering from devastating 2017 hurricanes are receiving new stateside ministry partners as another hurricane season threatens. Seven pastors leading the only Southern Baptist congregations on St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas are networking with stateside leaders as guests of the 2018 Black Church Leadership and Family Conference... Continue Reading →

Christian Doctor Fired for Saying People Cannot ‘Choose Their Gender’ Reveals He Had to Speak Out Because He ‘Could Not Live With Himself if He Didn’t and Claims Colleagues Are Too Frightened to Back Him Up

Dr David Mackereth’s 26-year medical career hasn’t been jeopardised by endless, gruelling, night shifts. Nor have the life and death decisions he has made on NHS emergency wards for decades put him off his profession. It was, in the end, his response to an instruction in a nondescript training room that has left his future hanging in... Continue Reading →

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