Evangelicals Warn Mary Has ‘Taken Jesus’ Place on the Cross’ as Millions Seek Miracles in France

As millions of people travel to Lourdes, France, every year in search of divine healing, some evangelical missionaries are warning that at the holy site venerated by Catholics, many are revering the Virgin Mary more than Jesus Christ. "For followers of Jesus Christ, the atmosphere in Lourdes is dark and discouraging. Christians know that it is... Continue Reading →


Andrew Brunson’s Daughter Shares Testimony at Religious Freedom Ministerial

The daughter of imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson gave an impassioned speech during the first-ever State Department Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, choking up a bit as she shared how her father feels "blessed" to suffer for his faith in Christ. Jacqueline (Brunson) Furnari was among the family members of persecuted believers who shared the... Continue Reading →

Uzbekistan’s Religious Liberty Violations Mount

Two new requirements for religious organizations seeking government recognition in Uzbekistan are said to evidence the Central Asian nation's continued restriction of religious liberty. Comprising five former Soviet republics, Central Asia includes Uzbekistan and two other countries on the U.S. State Department's list of countries of particular concern (CPCs) for religious liberty violations: Tajikistan and... Continue Reading →

Christian Leaders Join Opposition to Nicaragua’s President Ortega: Say the Government Has ‘Declared War on the Church’

Amid the ongoing brutal crackdown on demonstrations against President Daniel Ortega's authoritarian rule in Nicaragua, senior Catholic priests are on the front lines backing the opposition. Some say the government has "declared war on the church," even as Sen. Marco Rubio warns the country could be on the brink of a civil war. In the... Continue Reading →

Here We Go: Uniting Church in Australia Changes Definition of Marriage to Include Same-Sex Couples

The Uniting Church in Australia's Assembly voted Saturday to change the denomination's definition of marriage and allow ministers to officiate weddings for same-sex couples. In a statement posted on the Church's website, Uniting Church in Australia President Deidre Palmer announced the changes that were made by the 265-member assembly that gathered in Melbourne, saying: "To honor the... Continue Reading →

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