2,000-year-old Lilac Amethyst Stone Is Discovered in Jerusalem Featuring the First-ever Known Depiction of Balsam – a Plant Prominently Mentioned in the Bible

A stunning 2,000-year-old lilac amethyst stone has been discovered in Jerusalem, including the first known depiction of balsam, a plant featured in the Bible. It would once have been worn on a ring, and includes an unusual engraving of a bird and a branch from a plant bearing five fruits, according to experts from the... Continue Reading →

Mosaic Floors From the 1,500-year-old Lost ‘Church of the Apostles’ Built Over the Homes of Jesus’ Disciples Peter and Andrew Are Discovered in Israel

Archaeologists excavating a Byzantine-period structure in Biblical Bethsaida believe they have found new evidence proving the ancient ruins are of the long-lost Church of the Apostles. The team unearthed a stunning mosaic flooring made of tiny yellow, red and orange tiles that bear two inscriptions written in ancient Greek. The flooring, dating back 1,500 years,... Continue Reading →

After Seminary Shutdowns, Russia Enacts Ministry Training Regulations: New law puts additional requirements on any religious leader who was trained abroad.

For half a decade, Russian evangelicals have feared the repercussions of anti-extremism laws that monitor and restrict religious life in the country. New amendments to the religion laws, set to go into effect this month, extend government regulations on religious training following a string of recent seminary shutdowns. The country has mandated that all clergy,... Continue Reading →

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