Francis Chan Says He Has No Reason to Suspect ‘Communists Kicked Him Out’ of Hong Kong

Author and evangelist Francis Chan recently shared that he is back in the U.S. after his visa to work in Hong Kong was rejected. Now, Chan says some articles written about the incident which speculate nefarious intent from the Chinese Communist Party could harm his ability to return.

“Let’s be careful not to make this bigger than what this actually is,” Chan said during an interview with CBN. Such comments could “be damaging to the possibility of me going back into Hong Kong when we have Americans saying ‘oh the communists kicked him out,’” Chan emphasized.

“That isn’t the case that I know of,” Chan said, referring to the speculation that his work visa was denied because of a communist agenda. Instead, Chan reasons his application for a 2-year work visa was likely denied because the organization sponsoring him “wasn’t clear enough and didn’t give enough detail as to what we would be doing there in country.”

“There have been different articles written about the situation and I think people have interjected their own views or thoughts of what may have happened. But the truth is, it very well could have been just my application for immigration that there was things we didn’t think through, and so they had some questions for us,” Chan explained.

Normally a work visa application takes 6-8 weeks for the government to process, but Chan said it took almost a year for him and his family members to receive an answer about their visas.

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Source: Church Leaders

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