Baptist Volunteers Minister Amid ‘Unimaginable’ Suffering Along Ukrainian Border

An expo center in Warsaw houses thousands of refugees. Submitted photo
An expo center in Warsaw houses thousands of refugees. Submitted photo

Southern Baptist volunteers who spent time serving Ukrainian refugees on the Ukraine-Poland border can’t unsee the horrors they witnessed and now can’t not care about the crisis.

Eleven volunteers from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama and Kansas traveled 5,000 miles to serve refugees. The group, led by Brad Horne, associational mission strategist for the Keystone Baptist Association in Pennsylvania and a former International Mission Board missionary, ministered to emotionally shell-shocked families and individuals, providing practical supplies, prayer, and the love of Jesus. Team members listened to stories that shook them to their core and returned with a burden to help more and a vision for revival in Ukraine.

Victoria (Vicka) Kolosey is a Ukrainian American and member of Kingsville Baptist Church, a Slavic congregation in Baltimore.

“Seeing my people displaced from their homes and their livelihoods running for their lives was unimaginable,” Kolosey said. “Many of these people had to split from their families. Many had sons or husbands or boyfriends fighting on the front lines, not knowing if they would survive another day. These stories were no longer something I would read on Instagram or hear about, but this was reality. Real people.

“I will never understand the depths of their sorrows or be able to put myself in a position to understand them; the most I could do was listen to them and pray with them. So many of these people still had hope in Ukraine and in God that one day they would return home. They lacked anger toward the Russians. They had no understanding of the barbarity that was thrust upon them. But they continued to have hope. That is what changed the entire experience for me. Despite everything, they all had hope.”

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Source: Baptist Press

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