Here We Go: Pastor T.B. Joshua’s YouTube Channel Was Shut Down Allegedly Because He Claimed He Delivered a Lesbian Woman From a Spirit of the Abomination of Homosexuality – This Spells the Beginning of the End for Preachers Who Will Not Compromise the Word of God on Social Media. If They Can Shut Down a President and Shut Down a Preacher With Millions of Followers They Will Shut You Down Eventually. So Preachers, Tell the Truth While You Can

Televangelist TB Joshua is in trouble again. The controversial church leader's YouTube account was suspended after he 'cured' a woman of her 'affections' towards other women. In the service, which was aired on YouTube before it was taken down, the Synagogue Church of All Nations leader is seen prophesying over Mary Okoye’s life. He said... Continue Reading →

Here We Go: a UK-Based Pro Homosexual Media Organization Called Open Democracy Has Claimed Responsibility for the Closure of Pastor T.B. Joshua’s YouTube Channel

A United Kingdom-based media organisation ‘OpenDemocracy’ has claimed responsibility for the sudden closure of Pastor TB Joshua’s popular YouTube Channel Emmanuel TV, which had over 1,800,000 subscribers and 600,000,000 views. It explained how it did it in an article ( published to their website titled, ‘YouTube closes African channel promoting televangelist’s violent conversion therapy’. In the article, Kerry Cullinan... Continue Reading →

Pastor T.B. Joshua Responds After YouTube Blocked His Channel Because He Is Against the Abomination of Homosexuality: ‘Help Me Pray for YouTube’

Popular Nigerian television evangelist, T.B. Joshua, has called upon his followers on Sunday to "pray for YouTube" and not to respond with hate after his channel was shut down for posting videos claiming to "cure homosexuality". "Help me pray for YouTube," the televangelist said in his Sunday sermon, which was reposted online Monday morning on... Continue Reading →

Protesters Urge Biden Administration to Take Action Against Ethiopia for Genocide of Orthodox Christians and Amhara People

A new civic engagement group based primarily in the Washington, D.C. area, called Voice for the Voiceless Ethiopians, held a protest in front of the U.S. State Department Tuesday, where several dozen gathered to urge the Biden administration to take action against the Ethiopian government for its indifference to and perpetration of acts of genocide... Continue Reading →

Over 7 Million in East Africa on Brink of Starvation Amid Pandemic, Violence, and Infestation

Over 7 million people across six East African countries are at the cusp of starvation as communities have faced existential threats from violence, flooding, the pandemic and locust infestation, the evangelical humanitarian organization World Vision has warned. According to the charity, which operates in nearly 100 countries, thousands of children could face death or long-term... Continue Reading →

Photos Taken After Massacre by ISIS in Mozambique That Saw 50 Innocent People Beheaded Show Bodies Strewn on Ground and ‘Help’ Signs Fashioned From Sheets

Previously unseen pictures of the ISIS massacre in Mozambique have been released, showing bodies scattered across roads and people fleeing from the slaughter. Dozens of innocent people were killed when Islamist insurgents launched a raid on the northern town of Palma on March 24, including Briton Philip Mawer. Now, in the shocking pictures obtained by... Continue Reading →

Furious Catholic church condemns police for ‘brutally exceeding their powers’ after officers burst into London Easter service and shut it down – even though indoor worship is allowed under coronavirus plague rules

A Good Friday service at a Polish church was shut down by police for breaching Covid rules as worshippers were threatened with £200 fines. Officers shut down the religious ceremony in Balham High Street, south London, at around 5pm yesterday, with footage showing an officer tell worshippers that the gathering is 'unlawful' and that they... Continue Reading →

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