Two Benin Bronze sculptures given to the Archbishop of Canterbury 40 years ago and due to be returned to Nigeria as ‘gesture of goodwill’ were made in 1980s and have no links to colonialism, officials say

Two 'Benin Bronze' sculptures gifted to the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1982 that are set to be repatriated to Nigeria were made in the 1980s, officials have said. Sculptures and plaques made for royalty in the former Kingdom of Benin and seized by British forces in 1897 have been the subject of growing calls for... Continue Reading →

AI unlocks ancient Dead Sea Scrolls mystery

Researchers say Artificial Intelligence (AI) has for the first time shown that two scribes wrote part of the mysterious ancient Dead Sea Scrolls. Tests were carried out on the longest text, known as the Great Isaiah Scroll. It was found that probably two unknown individuals had copied down the words using near-identical handwriting. The scrolls,... Continue Reading →

USCIRF Says Some Countries Are Using Coronavirus Restrictions to ‘Target’ Religious Minorities and ‘Blame the Virus on a Particular Religion’

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom warned Wednesday that some countries have used COVID-19 restrictions to discriminate against religious minorities or blame them for the spread of the virus. USCIRF, a bipartisan commission tasked with informing Congress and the federal government about global religious freedom concerns, released its 2021 annual report detailing the international religious freedom... Continue Reading →

Here We Go: Nigerian and Western Values Collide as YouTube Shuts Down Pastor T.B. Joshua’s Channel

Nigerian public opinion is intensely homophobic. In 2014, the Nigerian National Assembly passed—and then President Goodluck Jonathan signed—a law against homosexual activity as draconian as that of Uganda, which is better known. In a time of intense polarization along religious and ethnic lines in Nigeria, the legislation had near universal support. In Europe and North America, homosexual activity... Continue Reading →

The Real Reason Pastor TB Joshua’s Youtube Channel Was Suspended

A United Kingdom-based media organisation, OpenDemocracy, has claimed responsibility for the closure of Pastor Temitope Joshua’s popular YouTube Channel, Emmanuel TV, which had over 1,800,000 subscribers and 600,000,000 views. OpenDemocracy explained in an article that it reported TB Joshua’s activities, which included seven clips showing TB Joshua “engaging in exorcism to cure gay and lesbian... Continue Reading →

Here We Go: YouTube Suspends TB Joshua’s Channel; Facebook Removes Videos Too

Prophet T.B Joshua's YouTube account has been suspended over some videos shared on the channel. Premium Times had reported that between 2016 and January 2020, the channel posted at least seven clips showing the charismatic Christian televangelist engaging in violent exorcism to ‘cure’ gay and lesbian congregants of their sexual orientation by casting out “the demon of homosexuality”.... Continue Reading →

Here We Go: Pastor T.B. Joshua’s YouTube Channel Was Shut Down Allegedly Because He Claimed He Delivered a Lesbian Woman From a Spirit of the Abomination of Homosexuality – This Spells the Beginning of the End for Preachers Who Will Not Compromise the Word of God on Social Media. If They Can Shut Down a President and Shut Down a Preacher With Millions of Followers They Will Shut You Down Eventually. So Preachers, Tell the Truth While You Can

Televangelist TB Joshua is in trouble again. The controversial church leader's YouTube account was suspended after he 'cured' a woman of her 'affections' towards other women. In the service, which was aired on YouTube before it was taken down, the Synagogue Church of All Nations leader is seen prophesying over Mary Okoye’s life. He said... Continue Reading →

Here We Go: a UK-Based Pro Homosexual Media Organization Called Open Democracy Has Claimed Responsibility for the Closure of Pastor T.B. Joshua’s YouTube Channel

A United Kingdom-based media organisation ‘OpenDemocracy’ has claimed responsibility for the sudden closure of Pastor TB Joshua’s popular YouTube Channel Emmanuel TV, which had over 1,800,000 subscribers and 600,000,000 views. It explained how it did it in an article ( published to their website titled, ‘YouTube closes African channel promoting televangelist’s violent conversion therapy’. In the article, Kerry Cullinan... Continue Reading →

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