Here We Go: Christian Pastor Who Says School Forced Him Out of Job Over Anti-Homosexual Tweet Saying the Event Was ‘Harmful to Children’ Says Message Was ‘Born Out of Love’

A Christian pastor has said a 'homophobic' tweet about gay pride being harmful was 'born out of love' as he sues his ex-employer for constructive dismissal. Keith Waters, who is a minister at an evangelical church, claims he was forced out of his job as a caretaker at a secular primary school after making the... Continue Reading →

4,000 North American Pastors Unite Against Canada’s New Homosexual Conversion Therapy Law, Warn It Will ‘Criminalize Christianity’

Thousands of pastors across North America have reportedly come together to protest Bill C-4, a Canadian law that took effect Jan. 8 after reportedly being pushed through Parliament with little debate. The claim is that Bill C-4 is broadly worded and could, in effect, ban biblical teachings on sexual ethics, and impact even personal communications on the subject.... Continue Reading →

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