World Vision faces pandemic’s ‘perfect storm,’ as it seeks to meet needs in America and around the world

(RNS) — In Senegal, Christian relief staffers worked with Sunday school and Quran teachers to reduce stigmas about COVID-19 as they distributed masks. In Oklahoma City, residents picked up free food boxes at a church that later became a vaccination clinic to inoculate against the coronavirus. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, faith leaders demonstrated... Continue Reading →

Daniel Whyte III Has Said Hundreds of Times That sweet Evangelical pastors and churches and Charismatic pastors and churches Have Done Great Damage to individuals, families, and churches by Pandering to Women While Putting Down Men. Derrick Jaxn Is Exposed for Serial Adultery While Pandering to Women and putting down men With the Image of a sweet Faithful Christian Husband

We Have Never Heard of Aba & Preach and We Do Not Believe They Are Christian by Some of the Language They Used (by the Way Christian Brother Brother Derrick Jaxn Used Some of the Same Language) but They Say in Their Videos 'He Pandered to Women & Got Exposed, Thou Doth Protest Too Much... Continue Reading →

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